Deskupdate unbeaufsichtigt installieren

Um das Tool DeskUpdate von Fujitsu auf einem Rechner/Notebook installieren zu können, ist .NET Framework 4 erforderlich

Mit einer Zeile lässt sich das Programm unbeaufsichtigt installieren und konfigurieren:

FTS_DeskUpdateSetup_5010064_1238862.EXE /SILENT /LANG=de /TASKS="*!checkdesktopicon,*!checkquicklaunchicon,checkstartmenu"


FTS_DeskUpdateSetup_5010064_1238862.EXE /VERYSILENT /LANG=de /TASKS="*!checkdesktopicon,*!checkquicklaunchicon,checkstartmenu"

Es wird in beiden Beispielen ein Eintrag im Startmenü erzeugt, aber kein Desktopsymbol.


Version 5.02.0030:  Hersteller | Mirror

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20.09.2021 14:49

Can someone provide me the url from de Deskupdate Setup v5.2.30.0?

I cant find it on the Fujistu site. I only find the exe-file from the portable version @

Reply to  Daniel Wydler
20.09.2021 15:00

Hi, thx for the anwser!

The exe-file isnt working though. The /SILENT or /VERYSILENT parameters don’t work.

I still get a window from Deskupdate with 2 buttons (Start and Extract…) and my installation doenst go any further until i do an action.

Reply to  Daniel Wydler
20.09.2021 16:39

Isn’t this still the same link/url?

Vincent Duvernet
01.12.2020 14:28

It works great 🙂 I was able to update all my Fujitsu computers to the last version using remote deployment through Datto RMM.
Do you know if it possible now to run the scan & update silently ? Thanks.

Vincent Duvernet
27.11.2020 09:57

Hello, with the new 5.1 version ( the command line doesn’t work anymore 🙁

Vincent Duvernet
Reply to  Daniel Wydler
30.11.2020 20:45

Oh yes it works 🙂
Just a note, on the first download url, there is a mistake and the end of file extension which contains a ‚.